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WELCOME TO explore360°

It’s not easy to capture attention in the constantly-evolving digital space. That’s why we are dedicated to connecting with your clients in innovative ways. Using the latest technology, we create immersive experiences which provide a unique perspective into your brand.

Let’s work together to create something special.

Engage Your Audience in a Unique Way

Pictures just aren’t enough sometimes. Enable your clients to explore freely within an immersive, 360° world from the comfort of their home.

Be There When You're Needed

Enhance your Google Maps listing and improve your Search ranking by taking advantage of Google Street View technology to engage visitors.

Stand Out From the Crowd

In a digital age where consumers demand more, static images are just not cutting it. Be the business that embraces the latest in customer experience.

What's in it for you?

Invite your clients to step inside your business through an online Virtual Tour. Using the latest technology, you can engage your online visitors in a whole new way through Google Maps Street View (or any of the other industry-specific services we have experience with).

How can we help?

360° technology can be daunting. That’s why we take care of everything from managing presentation, photography, and post-processing, to connecting the end result with millions of users around the world. We are experts in our fields, and are committed to showcasing your brand in the best light.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 360° Virtual Tour is a series of equirectangular photos strategically-located and connected to provide a comprehensive perspective of a space. Unlike still photos, well-produced Tours enable viewers to look around freely, unconstrained by any fixed perspective.

Great question! As a full-service agency, we will take care of each 360° Virtual Tour from start-to-finish. We will begin by managing the presentation of your space before conducting photography at strategically-selected locations. Then, we will handle the stitching and post-processing of the photos to ensure your brand looks top-notch. Finally, we will upload and publish the photos in accordance to the purpose of your Tour.

Essentially anyone with a computer or smartphone can view a Virtual Tour. When uploaded onto Google Maps, 360° Tours can be easily shared and viewed within the app or on a browser. For a more immersive experience, 360° Tours can also be viewed through Virtual Reality headsets such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. Alternatively, you can share Tours privately or keep them to yourself.

Absolutely. Your 360° Virtual Tours can be embedded onto your website through a variety of services, from the commonly-used Google Maps to the brand-able Momento360. While this may seem complicated, don’t worry — we can help you through this.

The number of photos is dependent on the size of your space. While strategy differs based on layout, business type, and purpose, we will ensure that your Virtual Tour is comprised of as many 360° photos as necessary to form a comprehensive perspective. In addition to the published tour, you will also receive all of its equirectangular components.

Let's Work Together

About Us

explore360° was founded by Derek upon a passion for creativity and technology.

Beginning as a personal project, 360° photography enabled him to share experiences in a way that his Pixel 3 could never do. His photos, paired with a Google Daydream VR headset, transported the viewer instantaneously to the spot where it was taken, where they could freely look around. As such, everywhere he went, his dedicated 360° camera went as well.

But Derek didn’t want to just share his experiences with family and friends; he wanted to share them with the world. From Banff National Park to the Nicola Valley, he published his Photo Spheres on Google Maps for all others to enjoy. Soon after, Derek was recognized for his high-quality 360° Tours, becoming Trusted by Google Street View.

Today, Derek leverages his Marketing education and passion for technology to help brands connect with their audiences in innovative and effective ways.

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